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We provide End-to-End solutions for your waste needs. We provide Waste Management solutions & the required technology.

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We provide End-to-End solution for different types of waste management that is generated by urban, commercial, industrial and agricultural sources. We have over 40 years of experience in treating above types of waste and have done extensive research in application of right technology to recover, recycle and reuse. We provide strategic consulting, provide business plan and arrange sales strategy for by-products from waste. Urban waste comprises solid waste, sewage sludge, post monsoon wild growth of foliage, tree pruning, bio-medical waste, catering, slaughter house, commercial and combustible grade non-hazardous industrial waste. All these need careful study of its composition and the right type of technologies for processing and value addition from recovered by products.

In our earlier years some of the projects we were involved needed survey preparation of reports for Kruger Denmark which had funding from DANIDA.

  • For Warana Milk dairy, Kolhapur-proposal for Technology by Manor Dairies funding by DANIDA
  • Biomass based co-generation power project for co-operative sugar factories, marketing and business development, preparation of bids and proposals Technology and funding ETA (power and energy division) of Dubai.
  • TOTAL PROJECT ENGINEERING for Urban local bodies for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste. Assistance in meetings with various stake holders, attendance at waste industry events Management, finances, and team members.
  • Presently we are working for many Municipal Corporation on dump-site management, bio-mining, material recovery facility, segregation of MSW, remove reuse and recycle inert and combustible, compostable fraction.

Subhash A. Niyogi

(B.E. Elect.)


Meet our Team

Foresight has associated experienced engineers from power generation sector; retired nuclear scientist, business and finance experts and innovative people, all dedicated to research & development work in waste to energy sector. Various sectors we cater to comprise agricultural, forest residue and municipal solid waste sludge disposal, CETP sludge, biomedical waste and slaughter house waste.


Retd. Scientist, BARC

Research and Development Division


Former Chief Engineer, MCGM, Mumbai

Research and Development Division


Engineering Strategic and Project Planning, Statistics and economics Division


Engineering Project Planning, Statistics and economics division


Design Engineering Project Planning, Statistics and economic division


Planning, Statistics economic and administration division


Consulting Services


Waste Processing Technology

Foresight Renewable Technologies, India” are distributors for Waste processing technologies from Europe and are their authorized agents, project coordinators for operations in India. Foresight with its experience and expertise would provide all assistance for successful implementation, execution and commissioning of various as well as innovative technologies.


Our Association

Foresight has experienced engineers from power generation sector; nuclear scientist, businessmen and innovative people all dedicated to research & development work. We provide solution for waste from different sectors such as industrial, agricultural, forest residue and waste from urban areas such as municipal solid waste, sludge from sewage treatment plants, CETP sludge, biomedical waste and slaughter house waste.


Local waste disposal

Process and treatment for different types of waste require most modern method of disposal that are eco-friendly, affordable and suitable to local waste and climatic, social and environmental conditions.


Distributors & Suppliers

We are authorized agent for US Cremation Equipment in India to supply their Animal, Bio Medical waste Incinerator units and human body cremators.

Concept note on Municipal solid waste management

Introduction of SRF technology

Municipal Solid Waste

The use of solid refuse fuel (SRF) is encouraged by pollution regulators and land filling of untreated waste is being banned. Most countries encourage three ‘R’ reduce, recycle and reuse of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) for climate protection and in the light of rising energy costs.

Alternative fuel

The MSW treatment process results in recovery of high calorific fractions, organic compostable fractions and aggregates comprising sand and stone grit that has commercial value. Its contaminant free properties, calorific value, composition and particle size determine use in Cement kilns, SRF Power plants and Steel industries.


Fractions high in calorific value are separated from the rolling fraction for post-shredding using inductive and advanced sorting systems. Ferrous / non-ferrous separation is done prior to feeding it to the primary shredder.


High calorific fraction (calorific value 18-25 MJ/kg) is recovered from material comprising primarily of foil, plastic, rubber, wood, Styrofoam, wood packaging fractions is the input material for secondary shredders. The machines generate a particle size (10-30 mm).

FORESIGHT is an Authorized Agent for US Cremation Equipment in India

US Cremation Equipment

Biomedical Waste Incinerators

Easily the most popular models for the larger animal care and control facility are U.S. Cremation Equipment’s batch load units. Rugged enough for outside installation with a choice of load capacities ranging from 400 lbs to 2400 lbs, these units provide outstanding performance while requiring minimal maintenance.

Classic PLUS

The “Classic PLUS” is U.S. Cremation Equipment’s newest addition to its All-Star lineup of human cremators. This user-friendly, high-performance, mid-size unit substantially improves combustion efficiency through the addition of roof arch air ports and an enlarged pollution control chamber. The result is increased daily throughput, faster cremation cycles and lower fuel consumption.


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