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Human Body Cremator

US Cremation Equipment
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FORESIGHT is an Authorized Agent for US Cremation Equipment in INDIA.

Advantages over traditional cremation

  • No cool-down time required between cremations
  • 24-hour continuous operation
  • Can cremate heavy body (up to 360 kg)
  • Cremate up to 10 bodies in a 12-hour workday
  • Completely automatic PLC operating system taking feedback from stack monitor to control the combustion
  • The combustion is almost 99.99% converting all the carbon into CO2 and no unburnt organic molecules which cause bad odour
  • Ashes after cremation can be collected after 2 hours. Further the remains can be converted into powdered form for easy immersion
  • Requires a small area compared to conventional method and the environment is highly sterile and clean in appearance and hygienic
  • Pollution control system eliminates visible emissions reducing sentimental issues
  • Quiet-pak insulation for low-noise operation
  • Advanced combustion air distribution system
  • Eliminating cool-down results in faster cremation cycles, longer refractory life and can reduce fuel usage by up to 50% on the second and successive cremations of the day i.e. 10 to 11 liters per cremation

Human Body Cremator

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